The Next Person That Describes Laziness As ADHD Should Get A Slap

Because I am trying to encourage myself out of my self acknowledged laziness, please don’t give me scientific reasons to remain in this mess of a life that lacks motivation.

3 min readMar 18, 2022
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3 facts about me you should know

  1. I believe 99.5% that I have ADHD according to many tweets and TikTok videos
  2. I didn't know ADHD was a thing until twitter and TikTok and I am not sure the doctors in my country would agree to test me or agree I have it or recommend something serious to treat it beyond pray and get a life of discipline (Yea, in my country prayer to Jesus fixes everything, or you’re just lazy! You lazy ass!)
  3. I am writing this article when I should be writing a serious article as an interview test — deadline is in 1 hour. (Its a PR article for a startup that just got funding. I hate PR article, its the worst content job ever. I hate writing it, and a job I didn't apply for called me up about seeing my past work and needing me on a new company which requires a PR article, hence, the need to write one as the interview test) As usual, I panicked, and looked for something else to distract my panic attack. So here I am.

So even if I dont have a diagnosed ADHD, I know these 10 things about myself

  1. I have short attention span. I cant hold on to something for too long (even a long poem is a challenge for me)
  2. I panic when faced with new challenges and distract myself with something else until the opportunity lapses
  3. I console myself I wouldn't have gotten the job anyways (The employer says he is interviewing 2 of us)
  4. I would rather not try than try and fail
  5. I have only about 40 minutes left for this interview. The offer is goooood. But I feel I am not even worthy of such good offer
  6. I wont even consider this person has seen my works and feel they are good
  7. Yea, I should leave this page right now
  8. Phew! I got sidetracked from my need to slap the next person that talks about ADHD.
  9. SO YEA, ADHD. I think I have it but I also think I am probably lazy. If I accept I have ADHD, I will totally no longer guiltrip myself about laziness.
  10. I dont want to accept that I have ADHD. I have accepted I am lazy, with a lackadaisical attitude to life and I lack focus. Let me continue to beat myself up about that. Than get a scientific name that says there is a reason for my dull approach to life. Phew!

Thanks for reading. Don’t hate me. Or do, I dont really care…

Remember I diagnosed myself off TikTok Videos, which is pretty stupid cause Google can point me to great books and videos of ADHD diagnosis with scientific backing, but naaah!

I hope my boss doesn't find this page. Lmao

Edit (update on 17- 05–2022)

I got the job! Struggled through it for 2 weeks. And checked out. It required too much of marketing content than educative and informative content that I love. And to ice the cake, the employer didn't give me a contract, I worked for 2 weeks based on a … wait for it… promise. Yea, Naah!

I resigned from a 2 weeks job that didn't even have a contract, to begin with, and never got paid for my articles and tweets. Phew!

Moral of the story: I gave it a try. Yay me!