Life of an adventurous nihilist too broke to explore the world

Let’s start with my origin — Nigeria

2 min readSep 5, 2022

So I want to explore the world yea, I mean why not? There’s so much to see. When you don't have plans for kids and ‘marriage’ seems like a fairytale, exploring earth seems like the next best thing at 30.

But one thing is important — whether kids or spouse — Money is more important in life. Yea?… But I am not rich! ………………………

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

I started this article 3 months ago while in my house in Nigeria wondering if my visa application to Portugal will go on smoothly.

I am here right now, 3 months later sitting on my foldable non-polished wooden table in an old house in Portugal. Go figure!

Like my religious folks would say “ I am sitting in one of my answered prayers at the moment”

If you ask how does it feel? I would tell you I don't know. I have a problem processing present realities.

I love memories a lot. I always daydream into tomorrow or reminisce over yesterday’s joy

But the present is always a blur of survival. A blur of ‘we have to pull through’.

When will I stop worrying about getting things done perfectly?

I am in F***ing LISBON!

So I say to myself today — Enjoy this life my darling. Enjoy this moment.

POV: Today I start my Masters class in an elite school. I feel like the outlier.

  1. I have been out of school since 2014.
  2. In a class of over 100, I am the only one from Africa. (The other black dude is not fully black, he has some mixed genes and lived his life in America and Europe) I have never left Nigeria until now.
  3. I missed my bus not because I was late, but because I didn't know where to wait. I have been through that route once and for whatever reason, it was a smooth sail. Today didn't go as planned tho.
  4. Me to me — You are the real deal.