I Hate Writing About Myself

Especially for academic or professional purposes

4 min readMar 20, 2022
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During my recent application for a Master’s degree, I was asked to send a video answering the question “Are you a social innovator”

I delayed answering for 4 weeks until the deadline. While having panic attacks and pessimistic reasoning, I wrote this down and made a video

“A social innovator’s impact is critical to achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Hi, I am (insert name), a social impact agent using art-based expressions to foster creativity and leadership in women and children living in marginalised communities.

I have had an interest in social innovation since I was small. When I was a teenager and couldn’t afford a calligraphy pen, My fine art teacher taught us how to create one from the bamboo tree, and this has informed my passion to create solutions where there seem to be a lack or failure.

My interests are in line with the 6 SDG goals. which are;

Goal 1 — No Poverty
Goal 3 — Good Health and well being
Goal 4 — Quality Education
Goal 5 — gender Equality
Goal 9 — Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Goal 16 — Peace, Justice, and strong institutions

As a society battling a lot of challenges which includes a pandemic, poverty, global warming, marginalisation, drought etc. It is important to be a part of the change-makers. I am first a creative who influences social change using art-based expressions.
In my community here in Lagos, Nigeria, I have spent the last five years contributing to the development of women and children by employing various art tools such as drawing, painting, dancing, poetry, storytelling, and music. Beyond art, I also recognise how economic empowerment is important in creating a sustainable society, therefore, through my NGO (insert NGO name), I have organised various upskilling programs.

One of the greatest challenges I have experienced which is common to rural communities is that an attempt to empower women and girls if not implemented rightly can create a chasm between them and the males. Therefore, I include projects that can also keep the boys occupied while we try to teach the girls to have a voice.

In my career as a content manager and brand strategist, my work requires critical thinking and innovation. I help tech companies create policies and digital marketing templates that include programs that benefit women and girls. I’m encouraged to bring innovative ideas into every level of planning and execution. While using my office to promote successful women in technology as role models for young girls.

The strong pillars of my advocacy are focused on access to education, entrepreneurship for economic opportunity, accessible healthcare, financial inclusion, and gender equality. I have organised programs that cover all these areas.

1. Vocational training for the poor. Training women to sew clothing for low-income families and disabled people using locally sourced materials. 600 women and girls benefited.

2. Free Computer training. I believe technology is an equalizer for learning and upskilling and NGO Initiative has provided free computer lessons to over 100 out-of-school girls in my community.

3. Social inclusion, Using Art for Healing and community building. 3 slum communities in Lagos have benefited from the Art programs.

4. Poetry for gender empowerment. Poetry gives women a voice and helps them become active participants in their societies, where they can lead productive and meaningful lives.

5. Health care awareness and accessibility for rural communities with sensitisation, cheap access to care and donations.

I have coached over 300 women and girls. These women and children are from communities that lack basic amenities and their low standard of living is undesirable. Many of them are underage mothers, and orphans who are neglected often found in slum settlements like shanties around dumpsites and swamps. They lack access to proper health care, quality education and reproductive aids. They are neglected by society and also experience gender discrimination in their immediate settlements. Using art to empower helps to restore their dignity, reawaken their need to take action as leaders, and create contents that have marketable value for financial empowerment.

I am driven by the need to have a society that is highly favourable to all regardless of class, age, gender or race. I believe the fourth industrial revolution technology is a significant tool that can help young women and girls achieve a better future. By creating financial tools that are socially inclusive and sustainable. Hence, my desire to become highly skilled in impact, entrepreneurship and innovation by acquiring a higher degree of learning.”

I hope I get accepted for the Master’s application. If not, MEH!

Cause I do these things because I love to. No one is going to shit on these works I have done as not good enough because of a school application.

The children are happy, the women are happy. I am happy.

Phew! Emotional much!

Update 07–04–2022

I got in!!! Yippeee!!!🎉🥳

The next step is to get a scholarship. Fingers crossed again.

Update 17-May-2022

I got 50% tuition scholarship. Woooooah! I didn't think I could

Next hurdle is to get a Visa (if my village people are not after me)