How To Be A Successful Failure Effortlessly

And other self-sabotaging mechanisms

2 min readMay 17, 2022
Photo by Felix Koutchinski on Unsplash

Did you grow up with every adult marvelling at your exceptional brilliance, nodding approvingly, and commenting on how your potential will eclipse the world in a cloud of greatness?

Well… that was not me. Lol. Ok. I wasn’t a bad child nor dull. Until High School, I made sure to top my class or be among the top 3. In fact, at 7yo, my teacher named me ‘Computer’ cause I could do quick sums in my head. I loved mathematics and hoped to be an accountant someday.

Not to bore you, I grew up with HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE self-esteem issues and self-doubt is killing me. And I let it. Cause I am also…wait for it… lazy. I lack motivation, I bore easily, I want a new high all the time, and run away at the first sign of challenge.

I hate that this space has become a kind of soppy therapy diary.


So whats up today?

Nothing really. Just my demons rearing up saying how much of an underachieving woman I have become.

Oops, this post was supposed to teach you something. But I have bored you and myself effortlessly.

I cant even seem to put my words together anymore.

Alright. 5 points

How to be a successful failure

  1. Be born
  2. Be conscious and self-aware
  3. Have a conscience and berate yourself constantly
  4. Please everybody
  5. Have big dreams

Trust me, Life will make you successful in some ways and you’ll fail in other things

Dont beat yourself up too much. Beating leads to death, and so also does breathing. LMAO (that's supposed to be dark humour)

Ok bye for now. I gat work to do cause I want money to travel the world.