Is crypto cloud mining still profitable in 2021?

Out of the numerous ways of investing in the blockchain industry, crypto-mining is considered a tough ring because it is largely competitive, and many assume it requires technical knowledge and access to sophisticated mining equipment. This was the case in its early days when Bitcoin miners had to set up huge hardware equipment that consumes a lot of electricity for mining. Today, the crypto-mining industry has evolved a great deal to be more convenient and accessible through cloud mining companies like RENTAMINER who provide remote mining services, and offer huge returns to investors.

Crypto Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is the use…


You, my dear, need to accept the possibility of failure
That the world may never turn around to reward you
In that knowledge, have contentment
And find serenity in the chaos that is life

You should accept that
You may never find undying love
Or wealth or fame
And that it is okay to not find a great purpose for your existence
And loss is the only bane of longevity

You may have to acknowledge
The futility of humans aiming at world peace
Hunger may never end
Find stillness in the certainty of storms
Pain is a pill we all must swallow

Accept that life is a paradox
Touch beauty in the midst of ugly
Your heart is a vessel on the high sea
Troubles and miracles are siblings of fate
Life is Jumanji, learn your script early



When you have a pressing need to create something but you just can’t flow your ideas out!


I want to write! Scratch that! I NEED to write. I CRAVE so much to write the stories jumping around in my head.

I want to Paint! I ITCH to pick up my brush and paint. It’s a whirlwind of art in my head. But every time I dive in to pick one image and put it down, it just slips away like an eel… And a new image swims by, beckoning like the last unreachable one!

Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash



I want to live. But sometimes I don’t want to. It doesn’t always make sense to me.

I’ll be in the middle of a project -like painting, and I’ll be enthusiastic to finish it up quickly, but suddenly, a wave of melancholy rushes in and slams like a tsunami. And finishing up would lose it’s appeal. I’d just lay in bed and wonder why I feel so down. It may take a while to get back to that painting. And when I do, the drive is no more or the focus has shifted to making something else.

Some call…


I am trying to understand me.

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